6 Lazy Ways to Shed Pounds

Guess what? There are six zero-effort ways to enhance weight loss! Intrigued? Read on! Tip #1: Take a Multivitamin There is some evidence to suggest that taking a daily multivitamin may actually aid weight loss. Several studies have shown that dieters who take a multivitamin either lose more weight or feel less hungry than those who […]

5 Expert Tips To Lose Fat And Get Lean Fast

When you need to get dialed-in quickly, you don’t want to hear a lecture on advanced meal planning, periodized cardio and weeks’ worth of fat-burners. You want to know what you can do right now to get your body tight and lean. Well, you’re in luck today – we had expert trainers, physique artists and lab […]

3 Easy Ways to Say Bye to Back Fat!

Guilty of neglecting your back muscles? You’re not the only one. We often focus mainly on the muscles we see in the mirror – the ones at the front of the body – while the butt takes all the glory from, excuse the pun, behind! Not only will working on your back boost your overall […]

Lose 80 Pounds in 8 Weeks

If you are overweight, then losing weight is probably one of your main goals. Excess body fat stops you from doing many things and living a normal life. Most overweight people want to see results fast. Losing weight is not easy and requires motivation, lifestyle changes and dedication, but it is possible. By using these […]

10 Weight Loss Rules All Women Should Follow

Follow these 10 weight loss mantras and you’ll see yourself slowly but surely losing the weight and getting to your ideal body shape. Good luck. 1. Staying Slim Is Lifestyle, Not A Diet This is not a short term fix; it’s a way of life. 2. Get Organized Structure your life and you’ll structure your […]

9 Easiest Ways To Start Losing Weight Today

Does this sound familiar – gaining weight was easy and quick but no matter how much you do, losing weight was always difficult for you. You’ve tried method after method, restrictions after restrictions, mainstream systems after mainstream systems, but nothing seemed to work for you – you’re just stuck. This is an all too familiar scenario for […]

5 Types Of Fat All Women Should Know About

Want to unlock the secret to long-term weight loss? Discover exactly what’s standing in the way of your slimming goals There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to successful weight loss. We all have our own unique individual make-up, which means we’re prone to carrying pounds in different areas of our bodies. The causes of obesity are complex […]

10 Unconventional Ways To Lose Weight

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that eating tasty food can be one hell of an experience. It can improve your mood, give you the energy you need to go through another hard day at work, and it can even be an integral part of a romantic evening. Salty, fatty and […]

5 Benefits of Resistance Training For Weight Loss

Firstly let’s get rid of some of the mystique surrounding resistance training. Even the name sounds technical! Resistance training is another name for exercising your muscles using an opposing force i.e. dumb bells or resistance bands. In the old days it used to be called weight training, but this phrase invoked images of huge sweaty […]

4 Simple Tips To Boost Your Metabolism

It’s no secret that as you get older, your metabolism slows. The average woman gains about 1 1/2 pounds per year going into adulthood, which means that she could gain 40-plus pounds by her 40s if she doesn’t work hard to keep things in check. The good news? Keeping things in check is doable – […]