9 Best Running Tips For Women

Going for a run is probably one of the most popular ways to get your workout on, whether it’s hitting the roads or jumping on a treadmill when the weather’s gross outside. If you sometimes find running a little tedious, why not challenge yourself to go faster or further? Here are our top tips to […]

6 Benefits of Working Out At Night

We could rattle off seven reasons to work out in the morning—but sometimes waking up before the sun sounds about as pleasant as a root canal. Plus, nighttime sweat sessions might be the only window you have to exercise, especially if your job involves super-early hours. But most importantly, working out—no matter the time of […]

5 Expert Tips To Lose Fat And Get Lean Fast

When you need to get dialed-in quickly, you don’t want to hear a lecture on advanced meal planning, periodized cardio and weeks’ worth of fat-burners. You want to know what you can do right now to get your body tight and lean. Well, you’re in luck today – we had expert trainers, physique artists and lab […]

5 Exercises To Work Your Abs To Exhaustion

We know the basic abdominal floor crunch is old news at this point, and you want to take core training to the next level. Not a bad choice, considering almost all of our daily tasks require core strength (yes, even sitting at your desk). According to Patti Hallow, exercise physiologist and author of Beat The […]

3 Easy Ways to Say Bye to Back Fat!

Guilty of neglecting your back muscles? You’re not the only one. We often focus mainly on the muscles we see in the mirror – the ones at the front of the body – while the butt takes all the glory from, excuse the pun, behind! Not only will working on your back boost your overall […]

Lose 80 Pounds in 8 Weeks

If you are overweight, then losing weight is probably one of your main goals. Excess body fat stops you from doing many things and living a normal life. Most overweight people want to see results fast. Losing weight is not easy and requires motivation, lifestyle changes and dedication, but it is possible. By using these […]

10 Secrets To Boosting Your Metabolism

Apart from eating a proper diet, boosting your metabolic rate is the key to healthy weight loss. Increasing the rate of your metabolism will burn your fat faster so that you lose weight and improve your general health. And you should increase your metabolism in a way that’s healthy, consistent and permanent. If you’re ready […]

4 Moves and One Month To Toned Thighs

Many women hate their upper legs so much that they don’t even try to firm them. Now, that’s a huge mistake! “Many of your major thigh muscles — your hamstrings and quadriceps as well as your butt — are actually easy to tone,” says Eva Leeson, a New York City personal trainer for 15 years. […]

Strong Core Circuit Workout

Last week my girlfriend and I were browsing through some of the old workouts we’ve done and came across this 15-50 core blast bodyweight workout (for those of you new, that’s 15 circuits of exercises with 50 reps of each exercise). Oh boy do we ever remember that workout! It was a total core torture and […]

4 Moves To Get You Hooked On Boxing

There’s no sight quite like witnessing the athletic prowess and raw beauty of a trained boxer shadowboxing inside a ring. The speed and rhythm of an entire body in perfect sync gives the misleading impression that to be a boxer, one must first be born with this remarkable gift. And while it helps, a lack […]