7 Best Foods For Fast Weight Loss

So, you need to lose weight, fast? Wouldn’t it be great if life came with a magic remote control that made the bad parts speed up and the good parts slow down? You could hit fast forward at the beginning of every workday, and rewind at the end of an awesome date. And of course, […]

6 Lazy Ways to Shed Pounds

Guess what? There are six zero-effort ways to enhance weight loss! Intrigued? Read on! Tip #1: Take a Multivitamin There is some evidence to suggest that taking a daily multivitamin may actually aid weight loss. Several studies have shown that dieters who take a multivitamin either lose more weight or feel less hungry than those who […]

5 Best Foods To Eat To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Belly fat is linked with higher risk for developing various health issues, but belly fat burning foods can help you lose belly fat when combined with exercise. It is normal for every person to have some belly fat, even for people with flat abs. A healthy body needs some fat which contains essential nutrients. Our […]

3 Easy Ways to Say Bye to Back Fat!

Guilty of neglecting your back muscles? You’re not the only one. We often focus mainly on the muscles we see in the mirror – the ones at the front of the body – while the butt takes all the glory from, excuse the pun, behind! Not only will working on your back boost your overall […]

Lose 80 Pounds in 8 Weeks

If you are overweight, then losing weight is probably one of your main goals. Excess body fat stops you from doing many things and living a normal life. Most overweight people want to see results fast. Losing weight is not easy and requires motivation, lifestyle changes and dedication, but it is possible. By using these […]

3 Fatty Foods That Make You Thin

When it comes to weight loss, many still believe that you should be limiting fat. After all, it has more calories than either carbs or protein (9 vs. 4 and 4, respectively). Given that, logic tells you that the less fat you consume, the faster you’ll drop the pounds. But that’s not how it actually […]

7 Food Hacks to Stay Alert Without Caffeine

Are you a zombie without your morning cup of coffee? Instead of using caffeine to stay awake, you can tweak the food you eat to get more energy. By making small changes to your eating patterns you can prevent morning grogginess and mid-afternoon slumps. Why Go Without Caffeine? While caffeine doesn’t have the worst negative […]

16 Simple Diet Tips That Actually Work

You probably have heard this many times, “Abs are made 30% in the gym and 70% in the kitchen”, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when we say that how you fuel your body is just as important, if not more important than exercise. It is true that exercise plays an essential role in any […]

10 Best Ways To Eat For Fast Weight Loss

Certainly what we eat has an enormous impact on our health and weight status. But did you know that when and how we eat also make a huge difference? Eating at the appropriate times throughout the day will help to maximize fat burning and keep hunger at bay. 1. Aim to eat every 3 to […]

18 Best Foods To Build A Fit And Lean Body

It’s true. You really are what you eat. And that’s why some days you end up feeling more like a cream-filled Twinkie than the lean cut of beef you aspire to. But you probably already know that. That’s why, like all of us, you’re most likely trying to clean up your act and start eating […]